Unimed Paranaguá needed a Service Management System that was implemented quickly and compatible with the systems it already used.

Unimed Paranaguá
Need to automate the customer service processes of Unimed in an integrated way to the existing systems.
Visionnaire has deployed, customized, developed improvements and maintains the system with quality support.
SiGA allows the automation of the processes of attendance of any Unimed
Which has Biomeek as ERP. All services are now centrally registered. The system forwards the requests to the responsible departments that record the occurrences, change and direct them in the process. From then on, the most important and frequent information becomes more evident, guiding Unimed in the continuous improvement of its service process, reflecting directly on the satisfaction of its clients. With the use of SiGA, Unimed Paranaguá not only implemented a project quickly and with adequate budget, but also remained as the largest and main health operator of the coast of Paraná and region.
The following technologies were used: Java, JEE, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Progress and Oracle databases, integration with ERP system, Biomeek, unit and system tests with JUnit, and reporting with JReport.
A detailed problem: Unimed Paranaguá needed to automate customer service processes quickly and be compatible with existing systems and infrastructure in the company (Biomeek-based ERP system and Progress and Oracle databases). In order to do so, it relied on Visionnaire's experience of having implemented the service system in other Unimed individuals and was able to meet its agility and budget needs.
Detailed solution: SiGA allows the automation of the processes of attendance of any Unimed that has Biomeek as ERP. Visionnaire has developed SiGA in partnership with Unimed and today it is possible to replicate the solution. With the implementation, maintenance and development of improvements and customizations of the Customer Service System, Unimed Paranaguá was able to implement a system quickly, productively, at a much lower budget than other market options, and compatible with the existing infrastructure, the Which also reduced costs by not requiring deployments of other systems or other databases. In addition to developing, customizing and deploying the system to Unimed Paranaguá, Visionnaire maintains the system by providing quality support and improvements whenever necessary.