eCommerce made with the Magento platform, with more than 40 integrated stores and more than 2000 registered products.

Editora Positivo
Editora Positivo had the need to upgrade its virtual store, a legacy eCommerce to a new and complete platform. The eCommerce should contemplate the sale of didactic materials like books and materials that aid in a better learning that fulfilled the necessary innovation requirements.
Visionnaire was responsible for developing the solution called eCommerce Retail for Positive Publishing, the project allowed the integration with the various existing Positivo Group systems, serving more than 10,000 customers and more than 3 thousand orders in the first month.
With the use of the Magento platform Editora Positivo has a modern eCommerce aimed at the retail, integrated with its internal systems. An architecture was developed to support 3 store categories:
- Retail (1 shop "matrix" online -
- Shop at School (263 online stores) - Focused on parents / guardians of students
- Point Shop (1 online shop - Focused on partner schools)
Currently the project includes a total of 265 online stores and more than 10,000 registered products.
For this eCommerce, it was used as an e-commerce platform Magento, well used worldwide and recognized. This platform uses the PHP language, accessing the MySQL database. In addition to the platform, it was worked on a data integration system provided by Editora and accessed through REST / SOAP communication through a webservice.
The services were published on servers using technologies such as Load Balance, caching optimization, as background, NGINX web publishing software, and code improvement for performance improvements.
Detailed problem: With a legacy eCommerce system, Editora Positivo needed to update its platform to better serve its users and for this it was necessary several integrations with existing systems of Editora Positivo and also the choice of an eCommerce platform that would better serve the needs of Editora Positivo.
Detailed solution: After several interactions and survey of technical issues, the use of the Magento platform for the construction of eCommerce was considered. Today, the Magento platform is considered one of the most complete solutions in the market for virtual stores. ECommerce was initially developed for the web platform with responsive design, and offers the features according to the initial specification of the project, with the differential of import of products and categories of the internal system of Positivo Group.
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