The objective of this project was the development of a new layout for the Registration and Real Estate functions of the Muraski real estate management system.

Real Estate Management.
The client needed to improve the interfaces of an existing real estate management system, aiming at better usability and simplification of navigation, in order to improve the productivity of brokers.
Visionnaire has set up a development team to perform the corrective maintenance requested by the customer.
The requested evolutions were delivered, resulting in better performance of the brokers.
The technologies used in the system developed for real estate was in PHP, Dojo Toolkit, MySQL database, HTML and CSS.
Detailed problem: the Real Estate Management System was developed internally by the real estate itself, being used by the brokers in their sales and rental activities. It has an interface with approximately 30 screens. The customer was not satisfied with the navigation layout and organization, and needed to perform an evolutionary maintenance in order to make the use of the system simpler and more intuitive, which would allow brokers to increase their productivity in carrying out their activities.
Detailed solution: The service was provided in the outsourcing modality managed by the contractor, using an agile development methodology, where the maintenance sprints were defined jointly between the parties, with great interaction of the development team and the system manager.