Visionnaire was a technology partner of Editora Positivo in the creation of a Mobile Application for registration and presence registration for the courses offered by the institution to its clients.

Editora Positivo
Editora Positivo had to optimize the usual way to register students' presence and to be able to include students in attendance lists for those who could not register for the courses on time.
Visionnaire was responsible for developing the solution called Training Center, the project made possible the accomplishment of the control of registrations and confirmation of presence in the courses of the institution. The solution was developed for the Android platform, and offered the functionality of reading QR Code, with the differential of possibility of use in offline mode.
With the new mobile application (app) developed for Positivo Publishing, the registration process for attendance and registration control optimized a number of functionalities, such as certificate issuance, attendance control and control of people from the same class.
The Mobile Application (App) was developed for the Android platform, with integration to a Web System of Editora. Made with the Java language, and following Google's development standards (Android Studio and Google Developer), it has made available a QR Code Scanner.
Detailed problem: Editora Positivo made all of its materials and control enrollment for its courses manually, and after the creation of its Web System to control the courses offered by the institution to its clients, the need arose to integrate this Service with a mobile application, which would have the mission to optimize the process for registration and registration of attendance in its events and training.
Detailed solution: Visionnaire was responsible, as a technology partner, for developing this project to control enrollment of courses on the Android platform. The application was developed to allow the registration process of the courses offered by Editora, and also to make available the attendance register of the students enrolled in the course. The application also offered access control, through a QR code interpreter made with the device's camera hardware, working both online and offline, providing different functionalities, and eliminating any type of typing that had occurred previously.